Professional development

I read an interesting article in Practical Pre-School a couple of weeks ago about free self-training resources and how to use the Internet to aid your self-development. I’m still in the early days of checking out iTunes U which enables you to download university material for your own reading/viewing, but it looks a great resource to access.

Podcasts were also recommended and are free to download on iTunes so I’ll be browsing those next – I’d be interested in any interesting podcasts people can point me in the direction of!

In my spare moments, I’m also getting to grips with Twitter and am just discovering the rewards that that has to offer. Early years experts post links to their blog posts and retweet any articles they’ve read of interest so it’s a great way of cyber-networking and keeping up on news/expert advice. Follow sites like netmums or museums/art galleries and you quickly find out interesting things going on in the community! And of course I’ll keep you informed of what TonkyTots is upto 🙂

Also read for ideas on broadening your knowledge.


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