Physical development

For anyone interested in the importance of physical activity for your little ones, Moving Smart is a great place to start.

Physical development is a fascinating area and is often overlooked by childcare professionals as one of the most important areas of learning for children. The new EYFS values it alongside communication and emotional/social development as it provides essential foundations for future learning in all areas: as Moving Smart explain how can you understand weight, forces, shape, time and emotions without your early physical experiences? And there’s so much more too – did you know handwriting is connected to physical abilities? Read about messy play, hopscotch, monkey bars etc on their blog and discover this interesting subject for yourself…

When you delve deeper you learn how different physical activities aid concentration, emotional awareness and even the ability to sit still! For all those people who think the importance of physical development as an area of learning is just connected to obesity, you have much to learn 🙂


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