Capturing Memories

I wanted to share this company with you Copycast Studios

We had a cast made of our little ones hand and foot and are very pleased with the results 🙂 The company come out to your home and deliver the finished item to your house free of charge! So if you want to capture a memory in an unusual way, give it a try…

We also tried their ink wipes with mixed results. Firstly we tried the ink free wipes – you wipe hands or feet with invisible ink and then press on the special paper…brilliant, simple and mess free. You can then scan the black image and use as many times as you want. Then we tried the somewhat messier paint wipes which come in pink or blue and you can print on anything you want – basically its a wipe covered in baby safe paint so is very messy and our results weren’t as successful! But we improvised and had a great freestyle foot painting session…loved the results and captured movement rather than a boring uniform print 🙂 It dries very very fast so be quick, but this also limits mess, and it comes off easily with baby wipes or soap and water.

Try Copycast studios for yourself and remember, if you order a cast, pass on my details so I can collect my loyalty stamps!





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