Treasure baskets

Treasure baskets are a great resource for little ones – they’re cheap to put together, are ever changing…… and they open up a world of imagination for the adults as well who change the way they look at things as they hunt for treasure to add to the basket 😀

Read Kathy Brodie’s blog which Kathy Brodie’s blogexplains them succinctly and adds ideas of things to get you started.

Things of particular interest that I’d like to add straight away: a bunch of keys, a jam jar lid, a beaded necklace and curtain rings. Please take heed of Kathy’s safety advice – treasure baskets must only be played with under supervision!

Of course you can add your twist to the treasure baskets – lots of nurseries do themed baskets which can aid categorisation, but I personally don’t like this. I think adults already stamp too much order and organisation on children which restrains imagination – children should be encouraged to combine different resources in their play (such as a box of cars with the bag of scrap and some wooden blocks) to inspire and extend their learning; the treasure basket introduces this idea early on in play. I’ve taken the treasure basket idea into other areas of play eg. Our tea-set is made up of different size cups, a tea strainer, spoons made from different materials, a tray, wooden eggs and egg cups, lids for saucers and an empty milk container/drinks bottles.

Come on adults, let your imagination run wild and share your ideas!


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