Is the garden centre best place for baby?

When I fancy a trip out, I keep being drawn to the Holly Bush garden centre! As one of the children’s favourite childminding destinations, I feel like its the ideal place to take my little one too. From birth babies are interested in sounds, things that move, contrasts and lights – our local garden centre has all of these in the form of fish in darkened aquariums, cages of birds, garden fairy lights and glass ceilings…and these are just our personal favourites! There’s also the sounding of running water, brightly coloured decorations and flowers, windmills and bunny rabbits to name but a few things of interest.

Let’s not forget all of the smells we take for granted and the noise and movement made by other people. Shopping is also great with lots ode inspirational ideas for things to keep baby occupied back home – this week we bought a bumble bee wind spiral and some bold fly screens, both of which will add colour to our garden!

The garden centre really does stimulate all of the senses, is free and, of course, has a much needed cafe when all else fails! Is this the best place to take baby? I’d welcome any better suggestions…share the places you like to take your young baby 🙂

TIP OF THE DAY – I was once recommended the pet shop as a place to look for toys for kids…designed for much more brutal customers, reputable pet companies produce toys that should be safe for little people and would cost a lot more in a toy shop. We’ve bought balls with bells in, coits and easy catch balls, plus a very entertaining quacking duck! Please be aware that it is your responsibility to assess the safety and usage of toys for your child – I’m just passing on an idea that has worked for me in some instances but I have found toys that I felt wouldn’t be safe for pets and definitely not young children.


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