Internet advice

I am always reading different things on the Internet whilst feeding during the night and last night came across this page about what baby needs to thrive; and thought it might be nice to include it on my website.

Baby centre is a great website for practically any info on pregnancy, babies and parenting and they do a great app for your phone too. Other websites I have found worthwhile are Pampers Village, aptamil and the Boots site, WebMD. My website preferences are based mainly on child development as this is what I tend to search for, but they’re great for lots of subjects.

Of course you need to be open minded about what you read and choose what advice you think will work for you – these sites only offer their opinion so don’t let them influence your own parenting values or make you feel like you’re doing everything wrong. Be mindful of who has written different articles as well to see how much knowledge and experience the author has.

Remember, the Internet is not the best place for health advice! But everybody does it πŸ˜€ Try not to self-diagnose and only use the Internet for signposting and tips – turn to the real life experts for concerns and use the Internet to inform you so you actually understand what the doctor is going on about! Parent forums are the worst…each one of those parents is an expert but only in their own child. It particularly riles me when they say your concerns aren’t anything to worry about so you don’t need to see a GP 😦

So there you have it, my lesson in Internet usage πŸ˜€ Please add comments on your own experiences and web favourites πŸ™‚

TIP OF THE DAY when reading about child development, always read on to the next stage to see what your child will be doing next – this often gives you some ideas for stimulating your little one to help them progress. And every child is individual so yours may already be achieving some of the traits…be proud!


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