Interest bottles

Check out these resources I made whilst on maternity leave 🙂 Designed to stimulate all of baby’s senses, they’re also easy, cheap and fun to make either on your own or with older children.

I filled mine with cooking oil and water, glitter and water, and washing up liquid and water (half fill this one to allow room for bubbles when shaken) – all of these are great visual fun when shaken! I also found a use for a collection of buttons and a bag of shells/small pebbles, both of which create great sound bottles. The last one you can see is a salt bottle (read more below). You could also try smelly bottles by piercing top and filling with lavender, vanilla pods or scented teas. Maybe you could post some suggestions? Ice, warm water, jelly, flour and lentils (separating big from small)….

And for professionals…get this…they fulfill all 6 areas of learning! Through exploration they introduce weight (PSRN), colour and sound creation (CD), water properties (KUW), and creative language (CLL). Manipulation encourages physical development and children can be encouraged to fill bottles with their own ideas as an extension activity (PSED).

Create a game of skittles that everyone can enjoy and think about which bottles are easier to knock down. Or make salt bottles together – rub a pile of salt with chalk and the salt picks up the colour and then layer the different colours; this is an idea taken from an activity to look at emotions where children can choose colours that represent how they feel about a special event or a special person.

There really is no end to the fun and learning you can have together 🙂



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