The irritability of breastfed babies :-|

I’ve just been reading an article on how/why breastfed babies display more irritable behaviour than formula-fed babies which can come as a shock to new parents. The general gist of the research was that crying is an essential feature of the dynamic relationship between parent and baby in order to increase the supply of food and aid or reinforce the growing bond, much in the same way as the animal world. Humans, however, associate crying with stress and new Moms often switch to formula feed as they perceive breast milk to be inadequate in meeting the needs of their hungry baby – which is not the case!

Breastfeeding is a whole way of life and is demanding as babies tend to feed slower and more often – parents need to be made aware of this so they know what to expect when it comes to their little one’s behaviour. But the benefits far outweigh the challenges and it is well worth it for both baby and Mom. Keep up the hard work and enjoy the bonding time 🙂


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