How my life has changed!

Since writing my last post, there has been a massive change to my life in the smallest form….I have become a Mom! A very happy Mom at that 🙂 Having a bump was enough to disrupt my routine but, now I’m a little more mobile and feeling 100% better (allbeit with only one hand free to type!), I will attempt to get back into blogging.

As I’m currently on maternity leave and not due back to work til September, my blog will focus on parenting skills, hopefully providing a resource for prospective parents. I will attempt to share any knowledge or tips I’m gaining on my journey and will welcome contributions from all readers! Our new arrival started life needing major surgery after the 20 week scan detected a congenital malformation and our parenting began with a couple of weeks in hospital, so we received lots of support and gained lots of advice from all professions meaning I have plenty to share – I hope you find it useful……….


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