We went to the Public in West Bromwich today as a day in the forest didn’t seem the best idea with these high winds 😦  However, the Public isn’t open on Mondays and Tuesdays in school term time…something we only found out when we turned up 😐  Naughty childminder for next checking before we went 😀  The lower floor of the gallery was open though so we accessed the collide-a-room and had our photos taken!

The day was spent at Spacehoppas instead as this is nearby and it was a very good few hours of letting off steam.  The children followed instuctions (both verbal and with gestures depending on the age) finding coloured balls and coloured cushions.  We enjoyed being spun round and rolling balls down the slides.  The children demonstrated lovely social skills and manners as they negotiated the small space in the tunnel together and we moved large objects around in the soft play area.

But how come, if the Public was closed because it’s term time, then why was Spacehoppas teaming with school children??  😀


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