No posts in July!

Apologies for my absence!!  We finally moved to a new house (after taking the children round to see it a few times before we made the transition!) and amongst all of the disarray we’ve been without internet and catching up with work, but I should be back on track soon 🙂

The kids love their new kingdom – “Rachel’s new house touches the clouds”, and they’ve settled in to their new play space well.  We’ve got a bigger playroom where we’ve created a den and tunnel along with areas for construction, dressing up/role play, small world and books.  We have more space to eat and dance!  And the garden is more accessible with the children being able to get their own toys out.  We’re also hoping to get the garage up and running as a space for messy play when the weather turns.

We’ve let the birds and the binmen know where we’ve moved to and we’ve centred some of play around bubble wrap and box play left over from the packing 🙂  And what about Andy???!!!!  Well apparently the shed is “Andy’s new house” – glad the little ones put him in his place 😀


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