What has spaghetti got to do with aspirations?!

It was National Childminding Week this week and the theme was aspirations.  So what is an aspiration?  An aspiration is a strong desire to achieve something.  It is our job as adults to provide opportunities for children to develop the self-confidence to achieve their goals, to explore the environment around them, to inspire imagination and ambition.  Let us not forget the importance of positive role models as we strive to achieve our own goals and celebrate the goals we have already achieved in the work that we do.

Some of the parents provided items from work including freight lorry models (see ‘I want to be a lorry driver’ (May 2011), pens and paper, and air conditioning brochures!  All of these prompted conversations, observations by the children and mark making 🙂  We also focussed our play on Happyland paying particular attention to the jobs people do using words such as ‘teacher’, ‘pilot’, ‘baker’ and ‘greengrocer’.

On Wednesday, we attended the toy library where Walsall Early Years hosted an aspirations day for the local childminders including sand, slime, water and, you guessed it, oily spaghetti.  A range of messy activities like this not only develops language, investiagtion and creativity, but also supports children in strenghtening their self-confidence and self-esteem as they brave the unusual textures.  Without these personal attributes children would struggle to achieve their goals, and there you have it…that is what spaghetti has to do with aspirations 🙂

As a positive role model, it would’ve been rude not to join in…


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