Fruit Monsters!

Part of my nutrition policy states that I will supplement meals supplied by parents/carers with healthy snacks and drinks.  The children are currently enjoying sampling different fruits and are certainly developing healthy practises in eating their five a day.  So what do we like?

Along with the usual bananas, oranges, grapes and raisins that are firm favourites, we’ve been eating cherries, blueberries, strawberries, pineapple, melon, kiwi, blackberries, mango, sultanas, prunes and apricots!!  We also enjoy our daily snack of tomatoes and cucumber.

Not all of the children willingly eat fruit but they’ll eat at least one piece during the day, get praise if they try something new and never want to miss out when I’m dishing it out (even if it only sits on their plate it’s a start!).

We’re now looking forward to the Pick Your Own season when we can go and see where the fruit grows and pick some to take home and share with our families 🙂


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