A bit late – sorry!

Last week we went to Playtime play centre on Monday, SNAP and the Lighthouse on Tuesday, Amerton Farm on Wednesday (read more in ‘2 great days out’), Cosford on Thursday and Blackbrook Zoological park on Friday (read more in ‘2 great days out’).

This week has already begun with a trip to SNAP today!  We have great plans for the rest of the week too – tomorrow we’re hoping to go to Trentham Gardens, Wednesday we’re swimming, Thursday should be to Birches Valley for our very own Forest School session and Friday we’ll be going to the Think Tank 🙂


4 responses to “23/05/11

  1. Wow – Tonky Tots are having their own Forest School session – that sounds exciting!!!!

  2. Claire Townsend (Lewies mom)

    P.S what was Trentham Garndens bare foot walk like? Lewie too young? I am meeting up with my friend on Tuesday and not sure whether to go to Trentham for the day or the seaside.
    P.P.S our toddle waddle pack has come – we are soooo excited. The kids even get a little medal for when they complete the 1/2 mile waddle. And you get a CD of songs – which is good! I am thinking of dressing Lewie up for the animal theme – any recommendations on good kids fancy dress sites? I don’t want to pay for bad quality outfit :0(

    • Sorry for late reply – Trentham Gardens was really good. Plenty to look at including the Barefoot Walk although I would recommend Lewie leaving shoes on…you can try without but I did get a splinter in my toe and there’s plenty of experiences for toddlers in shoes!!

      As for the fancy dress sites, I am old school I’m afraid and I always think imagination is best! Cheap shops sell things like animal hats, you could use paper plates to make animal masks, do face painting or even get some animal print fabric off ebay 🙂 Sorry I’m not much help but we’ve received our pack too and are very excited 😀

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