So what did we decide to do?? 11/04/11

Monday – we went to Wolverhampton art gallery where we took part in a day of animal activities which filled our whole day (Wolverhampton art gallery put on well organised events and I’d highly recommend them)

Tuesday – Easter egg hunt at Birches Valley

Wednesday – Spacehoppas

Thursday – Bloxwich library Easter hop activities followed by another Easter egg hunt which was thoroughly enjoyed by our team and cancelled out anything else we wanted to do in the afternoon.Ā  Unfortunately we were hoping to go to the Gurdwhara to celebrate Vaisakhi but the Easter egg hunt really did take longer than anticipated šŸ˜¦

Friday – Walking the Fair in Walsall (very disappointing), Walsall Central library and Walsall Arboretum picnic and play

And we even made time to decorate creme eggs with glitter icing and sprinkles at home……..all the kids went home smelling of eau de creme egg šŸ˜€Ā  A busy busy week which I thoroughly enjoyed šŸ™‚


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