National Childminding Week is taking place this year from 4 to 11 June and the theme of the week is aspirations – role models, goals for the future, skills for life…

One thing we love doing already in relation to children’s aspirations is acknowledging the positive role models we see in the community around us.  We always endeavour to recognise the jobs people do to help us, saying thank you to librarians and bus drivers, watching construction workers and talking about jobs as we encounter people going about their daily business such as catching trains, unloading lorries and delivering the post.  Quite possibly our favourite people of the week are the binmen – they look out for us each time they do a collection as we watch them out of the window.  Only last week smiles were raised all round as the driver put his thumb up to the kids – the youngest of our group raised his index finger back…the driver willingly obliged and changed his thumbs-up for a finger-up 😀

There will be lots of planned activities for the childminders in Walsall based around the theme of aspirations and we are wlready looking forward to them.  As a setting, I thought it would be interesting to find out the parents aspirations for their children – what hopes do you hold for your child over the coming year?  It would also be interesting to find out any aspirations you have for them in life, no matter how wild and wonderful.  Sharing thoughts like this allows me an insight into the values of the parents I work with and how we can work together to help their children reach their full potential 🙂

It would also be great fun if we could put together a display of photos of the parents doing a day’s work – this will offer opportunites for us to learn about other people’s lives, routines and to understand a bit more about our own Mommies & Daddies!  You’ve got a month to oblige – try and iclude the grandparents too 🙂  Happy snapping xx


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