Easter Egg Hunt

We had another fantstic Tuesday at Birches Valley!  Using a map we found letters in the woods on their Easter Egg hunt and solved an anagram to win a prize.  Everybody had a go at following the map and writing down the answers and it took us deeper into the woods than last week.

We successfully managed to complete the Heart Trail and loved the areas we found so much that we can’t wait to go back and dedicate more time to each one another time.  (Thanks for the comments from my no.1 Mommy blogger – we found the drums and hope to try the Forest Tots session soon!).

After the excitement of finding all of the eggs and eating our surprise, we still had enough energy to hit the playground and practice our climbing.

All in all I have to say how proud I was of my 2 year old who completed the 1km walk and mastered even the most difficult climbing apparatus, and of my 5 year olds who managed to work out the anagram 🙂  All my kids are fabuloso (one of the words we made up yesterday!!)


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