11/04/11 – dilemmas!

Last week we went to SNAPs on Monday, the Lighthouse on Tuesday (we made Easter nests decorating cups with stickers and filling them with shredded paper bedding) followed by Birches Valley (see our blog post), Northycote Farm on Wednesday, Wolverhampton art gallery Make Your Mark session on Thursday (see blog post) and Bloxwich library/Arboretum on Friday.

This week starts the Easter holiday and there’s so much to do, I can’t possibly decide!  I’d recommend the Netmums website for anyone wanting ideas of things to do but now I have too many….ideas that is 😀  So far it’s’ looking like the Wolverhampton art gallery tomorrow for an animal antics day (with artist Robert Davies and making animals from junk).  Tuesday is probably going to take us to Birches Valley again for an Easter egg hunt, although I have also found a bear hunt at Manor House Museum, West Bromwich, which looks good fun!!  Wednesday is Spacehoppas and Friday is for the Walking the Fair event at Walsall market.  Thursday is busy with activities….Bloxwich Easter fun, making windchimes from recycled scrap at Bilston Craft gallery or RSPB nature day at Sheldon Country Park!!!  How will we decide? 😐


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