Getting Creative

We had another session at Wolverhampton art gallery on Thursday and it was a huge success as usual.  The people that run the group are so welcoming and willing to accomodate all of our needs.

This month we were cave painting, making our marks on Modrock (a bit like an old plaster-cast!!) which went down a storm and left everyone with a bit of cave to take home 🙂  There were farm animals, construction blocks, threading cards, an extra large piece of paper to draw on, a hamper of plastic food, the usual cardboard house and mirrors galore.

The session removes the emphasis from the end product and puts it firmly on the development of imagination, creativity and an opportunity to explore the art materials to their heart’s content.  We got as much from stirring paint in the pallettes and mixing the colours to adding it to their canvas! 🙂

We finished with a look at the animals in the Robert Davies exhibition – see  We hope to meet the artist next week as he pays a visit to the gallery on Monday.


One response to “Getting Creative

  1. Lewies bit of cave has prime place on his bedroom wall – next to a scarey Mr Spider ;0) Email me the full details of this group and I will let my mom friends know about it. Keep me updated of any events that are on a Tuesday or weekend as I would love to join in the arty fun there.

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