Have you been to the woods today?

Birches Valley – what a place!!!  We spent the afternoon there getting back to nature.  Slopes that we climbed, bark covered floors that we stirred with sticks, fallen logs that we climbed over and balanced on and tree trunks that we jumped off were just for tasters.

The woods are covered with art that inspire and activate all of the senses.  We slid down a tortoises back (wood carving), added branches to a natural tapestry, lay back on benches to look at the sky and treetops, made music on car springs and bicycle wheels, found fairies in the undergrowth and crawled through tunnels of tyres.

This is now officially one of our favourite places and we’ll be visiting a lot more often.  We also hope to test out their Forest Tots toddler group and develop our understanding and awareness of what the forest can offer us.


4 responses to “Have you been to the woods today?

  1. I knew everyone at Tonkytots would love Birches Valley. It is one our favourite places to walk! Lewie loves to sit on the bears chairs (as you know he has a thing for chairs at the moment) and we both love to visit the fairies – it is amazing :0) We went to Forrest Tots last week – we will go again but it is more for older toddlers so we are going to wait 6 months or so….you would love it – we were bug hunting and Lewie had a real worm in a jar.

  2. P.S – did you find the drum area?

    • Was that the bit with the bicycle wheels and rubber ducks or is there another bit? We didn’t worry too much about finding everything as we’ll have something to find next time….but I’m not sure how much more there was that we didn’t see 😐

  3. There is another bit :0) As you are walking with your back to the part with the characters you can stick your faces through – heading towards the field part and away from the walk – turn right and it is down there in the woods.

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