Let’s get tickling!

This week brings us red nose day on Friday and we’ll be doing our bit for charity!  The plan is a sponsored tickle where I’ll be tickling and the children will (hopefully) be laughing – we’ll use our timer to measure the time each child laughs and we’ll even record the data to show our parents.  You can sponsor us on the following link or ask parents to fill in our sponsorhip form.

Visit us now at


One response to “Let’s get tickling!

  1. I have been smiling all week thinking of Lewie taking part in a sponsored tickle!!! Weak spots for Lewie are his feet (take shoes and socks off to get full giggle) and his tummy (he loves his cousins to tickle his tummy with their heads – very random). Best of luck to Tonky Tots with their sponsored tickle!! I think it is fab you are doing something for comic relief :0) I hope you are recording the data of you taking part Rachel hehe xx

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