What’s that noise?

Keeping in the communication theme, a game of ‘What’s that Noise?’ is becoming popular with the children – listening is a key skill vital to the development of communication and our complete learning journey.  We all shout ‘What’s that Noise?’ everytime we hear an unexpected sound, before I name the source if the children can’t already identify what they can hear.  Some of the children even use the sign for noise 🙂

Even our library trip (which conincided with World Book Day) took on a listening theme as we shared a noisy dinosaur book before borrowing a Thomas story cd to listen to in the car.  ‘What’s that noise Rachel?’ came the familiar cry as they heard random engine noises coming through the speakers 🙂  And we equally enjoyed listening to a story about the Hunter star at the Think Tank Planetarium with pictures being projected onto the ceiling there.

We also observed some roadworks taking place on our usually quiet cul-de-sac which helped us identify some new sights and sounds at close hand – diggers, saws and big lorries added to the more usual visits of binmen and ice cream vans.

I’m becoming more and more aware of the noises we adults naturally block out and take for granted as the children frequently point out sounds I’ve missed!


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