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The kids were feeling enthusiastic about art on Thursday after the train left us just a short walk from Walsall art gallery.  We first met the big robot in the reception adorned in decorative lights – we talked about what … Continue reading


Thank you to everyone who sponsored us to do a sponsored tickle.  We managed to raise £84 for Comic Relief and shared a grand total of 11 and a half minutes of laughter.  The tickle king lasted 4 mins 32 … Continue reading

Chatter Matters

This week we’ve been on a bus journey and on a train!  The chatter that happens on public transport is fantastic – much as we love being out in the car, sitting next to the kids and being able to point things out through the window provides essential stimulation.  We enjoy talking about speed, time, waiting and journeys along with all the things we can see….not forgetting the noises we hear!  And, of course, there are all the interesting and friendly members of the public we meet and who choose to share their time with us joining in our chatter or just simply playing peepo 🙂

We also managed to use our legs and the pushchair lots as we walked around the park, woodland and to/from school.

Give Us a Wave!

Over the past 2 days we’ve enjoyed our buggy walks – we’ve seen lorries with their trailers, warehouses and rubbish dumps, diggers and saws, trains arriving at platforms, canal boats moored up and ducks eating weed as we’ve explored an industrial estate and Wolverhampton ring road!

Everybody waves at us in our triple buggy as we watch them doing their day’s work…train drivers, fork lift truck operators, Tarmac layers, binmen and the Big Issue sellers! These friendly people help us to notice all the jobs that go on around us, value the people in our community and ask lots of questions. Along with all that lovely new vocab we’ve had a week rich in communication – THANK YOU EVERYONE 🙂


Twinkle Twinkle little car How I wonder what you are? In my bed I’m fast asleep No more vroom vroom No more beep Twinkle Twinkle little car How I wonder what you are? When all our cars were tucked up … Continue reading


This week brings us red nose day on Friday and we’ll be doing our bit for charity!  The plan is a sponsored tickle where I’ll be tickling and the children will (hopefully) be laughing – we’ll use our timer to … Continue reading


Last week we….

Monday – Northycote Farm, Tuesday – excellent Lighthouse childminding session where we mixed beans, sweetcorn, custard, sugar, cocoa and flour together in the messy play, and then SNAPs, Wednesday – Essington Fruit Farm, Thursday – Spacehoppas and Friday – bus catching to Bloxwich library playgroup (fantastic facility) and Walsall art gallery.  We also enjoyed pancakes and played with our teaset.

This week we will be popping to Sainsburys to get some red nose day goodies, the toy library for some play food as we enjoy exploring shopping baskets and real food when out and about, having a run around at the park and a soft play centre, and attending our regular Lighthouse group and SNAPs (Monday).


What’s that noise?

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Keeping in the communication theme, a game of ‘What’s that Noise?’ is becoming popular with the children – listening is a key skill vital to the development of communication and our complete learning journey.  We all shout ‘What’s that Noise?’ … Continue reading


Last week saw us visiting SNAPs on Monday, a new music and movement group at Bloxwich Children’s Centre on Tuesday, the retired greyhound trust (where we donated a duvet) and the Holly Bush aquarium and pet shop on Wednesday, Walsall … Continue reading


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