Using All of Our Senses

We’ve all now enjoyed our annual trip to the German market in Birmingham.  It really is a sensory experience for all!

There are sights to behold – with spinning decorations made of silver and crystal that glisten in the light; a wooden nativity scene with baby Jesus and all of the animals; a gigantic Christmas tree, Father Christmas and festive polar bear that all make us feel ever so tiny; and a colourful display of toys and decorations that turn round and round, spring up and down, and snow when turned upside down 🙂

What’s that noise? – an impromptu performance by the animal instrument man who played Jingle Bells and Twinkle Twinkle on wooden frogs and made dolphin, pig, sheep and owl noises with his carved friends; there’s Christmas music all around; and the merry-go-round plays Bob the Builder.

Smells too! – the food stalls reach our nostrils with spicy sausage, sugary donuts, liquorice and aniseed; a spice stall with bags of smells; incense burning red indian holders; scented candles bringing us smells of gingerbread and mulled wine; and the mulled wine itself!!

Don’t forget the food – stollen full of marzipan; roasted chestnuts; salty pretzels; chocolate coated fruit; gingerbread in all shapes and sizes; spicy sausage; cheesy skewers; and sweets of course 🙂

But our favourite bit is the carousel.  There are ‘wow’s and ‘ooh’s all around as we see the colours, lights and horses, hear the fairground music, climb the steps to board the carriage and even get a little bit dizzy as we experience going round and round…


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