My Own Learning Journey!

I love it when a plan comes together 🙂  Trains, tractors and Thomas are our big thing at the moment so I’ve been swatting up!  I’ve learnt some of the characters names from Thomas and Friends, their numbers and colours and I know the words to the theme tune which we all enjoy singing together. 

A visit to the library last week also gave us the opportunity to borrow a factual book on trains allowing us to explore diesel, steam and electric trains from all over the world…a nice little bit of bedtime reading for me I think 😀  I’ve already discovered what a traction engine is and had my memory jogged about all of the trains I’ve experienced – the shinkansen (bullet train) in Japan, the funicular in Budapest and the infamous but historic ‘death railway’ which includes the bridge over the River Kwai.

And my learning hasn’t gone to waste as we enjoyed a lovely impromptu session this morning, even cancelling playgroup to continue our play at home.  We laid the train track out in different patterns and we joined it with the farm box to include some tractors. 

After singing the Thomas theme tune and adding instruments, introducing the rhythm of the trains, the kids requested some tv time – I’ve recorded a couple of episodes of Thomas which we watch and talk about together and wave as Thomas passes on the screen (NB.  it’s considered more beneficial to children’s language development if they watch the same programme/film repeatedly rather than new episodes as they have a chance to learn dialogue and become familiar with storylines which they can repeat in their play).

I also noticed that the new edition of Boogies Beebies was about wheels so we danced too investigating rotation with our bodies!!  We finished our journey off with a line of chairs as a train and shared ‘The Train Ride’ by June Crebbin, a lovely story about a train trip with a repetitive ‘What Shall I See? What Shall I See?’ rhythm that even slows down as you return to the station 🙂

All mixed together with some cars, planes and buses, and some other books all about trains and transport (I told you we’re obsessed!) we had a thoroughly enjoyable time 😀


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