West Midlands Safari Park

There’s was lots of learning to be enjoyed on our trip to the safari park on Monday.  With a free return visit from earlier in the year it turned out to be a great day out.  We enjoyed seeing the animals more usually seen in our books and wound down the windows to see some of them up really close!  We also enjoyed walking around the park, kicking the Autumn leaves and exploring the paths and slopes, coming face to face with a leopard and a sealion and watching some of the thrill-seeking rides.  We weren’t overly impressed with the animals that didn’t move much (snakes, hippos, crocodiles) as they didn’t catch our attention but we especially loved the rhinos and elephants and have been pointing them out ever since.  We’ve also enjoyed reading “Who’s in the Loo?” as a follow up, and playing with some small world wild animals.


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