That was the week that was

I’m a little late posting news from last week!  There were a few highlights including another visit to RAF Cosford where we spent the day pointing at aeroplanes, cars, tanks and helicopters and met the war veterans from a slightly older generation 😀

We also started our season of Autumn walks (not sure how Autumn crept past us so quickly) but we’ve had great fun walking through the leaves, having leaf showers, waddling like ducks and investigating trees.  We touched conkers and their shells, bark, crisp leaves and damp leaves, and listened to the rustle underfoot, the stream trickling by and the manmade sounds of leaf blowers and lawnmowers!

I love the Walsall arboretum because it provides a fenced in lake with ducks and geese, a tree-canopied path, wide open green, sculptures, sensory garden, brook and a variety of slopes, steps and bumpy ground all within 100 yards of the car – convenient and safe for a group of new walkers who are rapidly becoming independent explorers 🙂


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