Children’s Book Week

We went book mad last week as it was Children’s book week.  It was a nice theme to follow for the week as it followed a few of the children’s obsession with books at the moment, and it provided some easy outings during a week where one child was settling in.  We visited Walsall Central library, Wednesfield library and New Invention library which gave us plenty of variety in the pushchair walking through Walsall market and through our local communities.  We chose some books to take home with us and collected our Bookstart Bookcrawl stickers which all go towards our next library visitor certificate 🙂

We also looked at some dual language books, as the theme for the book week was ‘Books Around the World’.  We borrowed a couple of books in Punjabi too for one of the children to share at home.

Our book of the week was Toddle Waddle as it had lots of things to point and name, a rhyme to share on National Poetry Day (Wednesday) and some actions to have a go at which links with our love of dancing!


One response to “Children’s Book Week

  1. Claire Townsend (Lewies mom)

    Lewie packed his spanish sheep number book yesterday to show you and his friends, I hope you liked it!
    It amazed me how much Lewie liked books and me reading to him from such a young age :0)
    His favourites are the “thats not my….” range.

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