We’ve been to the beach…

Beside the seaside

…in Wolverhampton!  Their art gallery to be precise 🙂  What a fab art session they put on for the early years.  I’m not even sure I want to be sharing this information 😀  But we had fun on the multi-coloured beach extending our paper scattering, visited a cardboard house/cafe, printed with seashells in playdough, made marks with crayon, explored shapes and many other things.  I’ll definitely be going back – thanks Wolverhampton art gallery 🙂

We’ve also got our birds back – with an inconsistent supply of food over the holidays, I was concerned that they’d left us but, as you can see, the starlings are definitely back!

How many?!?


3 responses to “We’ve been to the beach…

  1. Claire Townsend (Lewies mom)

    Do they do sessions like that at the art gallery all the time? It sounds fab!!! Really want to arrange a visit there now I have read this xx

    • They do a session every second and fourth Thursday of the month, term time only – in fact we’re going tomorrow! Another excellent art group is at Bilston Craft Gallery and that’s every Tuesday morning. The room and activities are excellent there too 🙂

      • Claire Townsend (Lewies mom)

        With it being a Thursday Lewie will have to experience that with you and his tonky tots friends :0) I have looked at Bilston Art Gallery and they do a session on a Sat morning too so I might try that in a few weeks with Lewie. Thanks for the info :0)

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