Space hopping and Paper scattering

Paper paper everywhere!

We have developed a new interest in paper scattering!  A box full of bits of tissue paper and patterned paper cut into small squares is proving a hit with our littlies – they often request to have the box opened so that we can scatter the paper across the floor providing us with an opportunity to explore the properties of paper (even the smallest breath can make the tissue paper flutter from your hand or blow pieces across the room and if not a gentle waft from the box lid helps too), develop our language and awareness of colours, and practise our fine motor skills especially when tidying up 😀

This wasn’t the only great activity of today as we also found a highly recommended soft play centre in West Bromwich called Space Hoppas.  It has it’s own mini toddler section with different slides, tunnels, shallow ball pool and obstructions to climb.  Free tea, coffee, squash and toast during the toddler session makes it a must and we could have spent the day there 🙂  (I tested the older kids bit too which was also worthy of a visit and I was shattered after my run round!)


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