Even more Planes, Trains and Automobiles!

Sheldon Country Park

The Summer holiday is over and we rounded it up in style!  We found a great place called Sheldon Country Park where you can sit and watch the  aeroplanes take off overhead from Birmingham airport.  And for those that found it a little loud, we visited the working farm there which was free and busy with animals (and you could still the planes without the din!)  There were regular trains passing by too so there really was something for everyone.  Parking was free as well and if that’s not enough excitement for one day, the playground was early years friendly too…we’ll definitely be going back 🙂

We also had a great day out in Hanley where we visited the Potteries Museum which is a great interactive exhibition – we saw a spitfire which the kids found really exciting and we caught a glimpse of the Staffordshire hoard.  Then there was an afternoon visit to Hanley Park which we loved – there’s a big lake with fountains and waterfalls, flower gardens, a sensory playground and a toddler playground…and the sun shone (what more could you ask for?!)

And those were just the highlights – we also had fun in the garden, at Bilston Craft Gallery, riding donkeys at Palfrey Park, den building, watching a film and collecting a parcel containing hundreds of building blocks courtesy of Walsall Early Years 🙂


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