A great day out at the Think Tank

We’ve had a fantsatic day and I would recommend the Think Tank for any early years – we took kids 18 months-4 years and we could have spent another day there!  There is a little role play town to explore and a water feature for little hands to investigate and get wet.  We learnt bits about our body, danced, made marks and dressed up as animals.  Everyone was disappointed that it was time to go home as we hadn’t even touched the planetarium or rode the diferent forms of transport 😦  Maybe next time!

Caterpillars at the Butterfly Farm

On Monday we also visited the butterfly farm which was also interesting, but I think the cost is a little bit steep for something that only occupied an hour of our time at a stretch and Stratford was too far for such a short activity.  The day was saved by the fantastic playground we found (on the same car park) which catered for all ages and again provided opportunity for water play in their sand pit area 🙂

We got creative and made a garden mobile at the Walsall Leather Museum on Tuesday which provided a very much needed freebie day which the kids enjoyed as much as the Butterfly Farm…


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