Monkeys and mail!

Cheeky Monkey!

This week’s highlight has to be the Monkey Forest at Trentham. It was very hilly so I had a good workout and the kids loved the monkeys. We watched them feeding and swinging in the trees. One cheeky monkey came and sat on the fence by us taking an interest in those in the pushchair making eye contact with them and then me…I think he recognised familiar playfulness but made me very apprehensive 😀

We also met a very friendly dinosaur on a visit to Acorns Children’s Hospice where we went to deliver some unwanted clothes. He scared a few as he was very lifelike but I wanted to bring him home!

The postman delivered us a postcard from Bristol at the beginning of the week from a missing member of our team – I’d forgotten how exciting it is to get a postcard so I have my fingers crossed that we’ll get many more from little travellers 🙂 It was nice to see the hot air balloons on the front but we look forward to our friends return soon…

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