A childminder’s work is never done!

A dinosaur of many colours!

What a week!  Although I was given a morning off this week as 3 of my 4 kids were absent, it’s been all go go go…  I’ve been busy filling in our monthly books and planning sheets for June to keep the parents up to date and this has filled most evenings!  Then yesterday was spent completing my first aid course.  And today I find myself spending my evening off updating our blog – I guess I must love my job…can’t keep away 😀

And why do I do it?  Because the days are filled with good times 🙂  We discovered a new park this week on Cannock Chase (Birches Valley) where we played with our friends, collected fir cones and had ice cream.  I was very impressed with the place and will be checking out their Forest Toddler group for September where they hold woodland activities once a month.  And we also took a train ride on Thursday from Cannock to Walsall – the kids loved it and didn’t sit still, looking out of the window all the way there and back.  The staff were really helpful and we managed a quick play session in the art gallery whilst in Walsall.  The train driver even gave us a wave as we made our way home 🙂


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