The week ended in the dark…

A trip to Wolverhampton Art Gallery finally happened on Friday as everyone was too tired to go on Thursday!  The best thing about the art gallery is that you never know what to expect…we enjoyed the stories room where we shared some books, and the sensory sculpture room too, but the best was a huge dark room, empty apart from 8 chairs, 2 speakers and a big projected film.  The children were fascinated by the wide open space, our shadows and touching the projected image.

It was a great end to the week before a weekend of more training – first aid!  Since the start of the year I’ve been on outdoor courses, face painting courses and even conducted interaction training  myself for Birmingham PHAB camps.  First aid is probably my least favourite course as there’s so much important stuff to remember…on a Saturday 😐 but the instructor was really engaging and it was much better than expected.  Good job as there’s more of the same next Saturday 😉 

And then it was a much needed day off today after 2 weeks non-stop childminding and PHAB duties 🙂


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