We had fun, fun, fun!

Taking our water play home...

It’s only Wednesday and we’ve had a fantastic week already.  Q: How much fun can 3 kids and 1 adult have in Wednesfield?  A: A Bucket Full 😀

Wednesfield Waterworks

On Monday we hit the town and visited the bank, did a good deed delivering some old toys to the charity shop, explored some books at the new library before…investigating the new water feature and getting very wet!  Everyone had a great afternoon and were praised for their excellent behaviour and manners 🙂

A fantastic creation by two 4year-olds!

Tuesday took us on our regular jaunt to SNAPs in Cannock where we socialised with our friends and two of the children built a magnificent train in the train with soft play.

We continued the train interest on Wednesday at Holly Bush miniature railway riding on the train through a tunnel and round the lake.  We even had time to visit the ginormous fish and buy some new balls from the pet shop enhancing our sensory ball collection which we are currently obsessed with 😀 

Holly Bush miniature railway


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