Our very own dog!

Owney and Mary

We’ve been to the Retired Greyhound Trust today to meet their dogs and it was very exciting!  With a mixture of kids that are dog obsessed and one that is very wary, I decided a trip to meet these placid animals would be a valued experience to all but I started with an

Victor and Nick

initial visit with two of the obsessives 😀  It was very noisy but we loved the friendly dogs…now all we have to do is choose which one we sponsor and TonkyTots will have it’s very own mascot!!! 🙂  More soon……..

The dogs weren’t the only noisy environment we encountered as we joined the nursery kids at New Invention in their Sports Fun Day – it was manic 😀  There were buckets of water, games of football and Sportacus on the big screen to keep us entertained.  And we kept up the sporting theme as we added our England flags to the car.

We also revisited Northycote Farm on Wednesday – this time we sat in the morning sun watching the freshly breakfasted piglets play in the mud and snuffle the dirt.  We helped them with a good back scratch!  Can I make it clear at this point that hand hygiene is also practised on all our animal visits 😉

Pork Scratching!


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