Welcome to our Blog!

Recharging my batteries...

This is the first post of our new blog and we hope you enjoy.  Everyone has just returned from holidays as I spent Whit week on a boat on the Norfolk Broads with my family.  I had a really relaxing time (it was much needed!), and still managed to do a little bit of work – postcards were sent home to the kids so they didn’t forget who I was and I had fun buying some new resources (telescope, magnifying glass, a captain’s hat and some new additions to our music box).  I checked my wellies were waterproof with a quick paddle, and I brushed up on my knowledge of ducks and other birds so I don’t get left behind by the kids…although I’m already one step ahead as I know those big grey pigeons in our tree don’t say ‘quack quack’ 😉

Lottie and Me


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